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One of the big shifts that we suggest in our clients is to create an agile, repeatable data preparation strategy. If the goal is to improve decision making, the first thing that must be done is to integrate disparate data in meaningful ways. We have seen many different ways that this can be done, however, we believe that the best environments enable analysts in the business to build data workflows that can be automated.

This can be accomplished in a number of different ways but we suggest Alteryx to our clients because it is highly flexible, easy to use, and allows for easy translation of business logic into computer logic.

As a result we offer Alteryx tutoring where we sit with our clients' staff and determine what they need to be successful then develop a training program to get those students up and running. Because Alteryx is such an expansive software we focus on the skills that the individual needs to attain and build a program on that subset of the product.

The most tangible component of any successful, modern business intelligence environment is the development of effective dashboards. Dashboards come in many forms and knowing how to implement the right components, design for user experience, and ask proper questions allows for visual analytics environments to be implemented far more successfully.

We believe that Tableau Software is the best product in the industry and as a result we offer visual analytic training on Tableau Desktop as formal classroom training or individual tutoring depending on what will best help our clients succeed.

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Progress is achieved by those who think outside of the box  with the goal of improvement and it is our goal to teach our clients to think outside of boxes whenever possible.

A Transition In Thought

Whether it is embracing analytics for the first time or to improving your existing environment, guidance on best practice implementation and proper education will help ensure your deployment is successful. By developing a holistic business intelligence strategy A Transition In Thought helps eliminate the issues that implementation of agile analytics often leaves. Examples of which include:

  • Reports generating different information on basic statistics which confuse business leaders
  • IT organizations unable to react fast enough for business needs
  • Redundancy created by a decentralized business intelligence strategy
  • Analysts spending their time preparing data instead of gaining insights from it
  • Tensions between the business and IT caused by lack of validation and data strategy