A Transition In Thought

Michael Davis, Founder and CEO of A Transition In Thought, is first and foremost passionate about seeing people succeed. This passion has lead Michael to author A Practitioner's Guide To Alteryx the first training manual for Alteryx Designer as well as find educating others to be the most rewarding work you can do.

Michael was a consultant and trainer prior to founding A Transition In Thought LLC. This caused a fundamental problem with the goals in all client interactions. As a trainer the goal was to get the students to be self-sufficient. As a consultant the goal was to improve a business only enough to be dependent on you. Michael wanted to find a way to reconcile these two roles. A Transition In Thought LLC came from the idea that every interaction should first and foremost improve the client. That fit naturally with the training role that, but what it changed is the approach to consulting. We look at consulting as a bridge between where our clients are and where they can be. This makes every consulting engagement about improving our clients business without necessitating continued external intervention. We want our clients to think of us as a mentor who they can ask for help as necessary.